Apr 6, 2018

How to Answer a Classic Interview Question

“Why do you want to work here?” is a classic interview question for a reason. Knowing a candidate’s motivations and commitment level helps us find the best fits for Valiant Marketing Group. To provide the best answer to this query, we suggest following these guidelines:

” State Why You Think the Company Is Hiring: While we enjoy on-boarding talented professionals, this isn’t why we hire. When we add to our Valiant Marketing Group roster it’s because there is something we’re hoping to accomplish, and we need help doing it. Savvy interviewees recognize this and know how to talk about it, proving that they understand our industry and the business world in general.

” Discuss the Importance of the Position: Once we know that someone has done his or her homework on the needs of our firm, we want to see if he or she understands where the position fits into the big picture. This is where someone can prove that they’re a team player, and that they are interested in working with us specifically – not just any company that will have them.

” Bring Ideas to the Table: Being solution-oriented will impress any interviewer, and because the purpose of the interview is to solve a problem it only makes sense to bring solutions to the conversation. These should be creative but practical, and supported by research.

Follow these three guidelines when responding to, “Why do you want to work here?” and your answer is sure to impress. For more interviewing tips, follow Valiant Marketing Group on Facebook.