Jun 14, 2019

Celebrating Jon’s Promotion to Campaign Manager

We’re pleased to announce that one of our favorite members of Team Valiant Marketing Group has earned a promotion to the role of campaign manager. Jon put himself in prime position to advance by focusing on clear goals and following through on them time and time again. He is charismatic and doesn’t let anything hold him back from achieving his objectives.

Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Jon is always willing to do what it takes to help people and put his best foot forward at the same time. This dedicated mind-set will serve him well in his new role as campaign manager. Some of the duties Jon will take on include leading a team of his own, being a mentor to new hires, and organizing team-building events. He’ll also set his team members’ schedules to ensure maximum productivity.

Jon has become a key member of our team by taking on more responsibilities and routinely going the extra mile to ensure winning results. Cassie is confident that he will be a top-flight campaign manager because he’s always working to improve his skill set and add new knowledge. Jon has set a great example from his first days in the Valiant Marketing Group office, so we’re excited to watch him thrive in a leadership role.

The future is bright for our firm with people like Jon leading the way. For updates on his progress and all our top performers, like Valiant Marketing Group on Facebook.