May 24, 2019

Celebrating Our Small Company Status

May is Small Business Month, which is a perfect time to discuss what makes Valiant Marketing Group an ideal place to build a rewarding career. We enjoy all kinds of benefits you might expect to receive at a much larger company, all because our leaders are invested in our ongoing growth. Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, highlighted the following positives when asked what makes working for a smaller company so special:

• Stronger Team Bonds: There’s no doubt that a smaller organization can create stronger camaraderie. Team Valiant Marketing Group offers living proof of this, as our group outings continue to bring us closer together on a personal level. The quality of our event-based promotions also serves as evidence of how well we work together.

• Clear Pathways to Advancement: Advancement within our firm is based on merit. We all know exactly what needs to be accomplished to reach the next levels in our careers, so we remain highly engaged in taking steps forward every day.

• Learning From Leaders: We use an in-office mentorship approach with all our newest team members. This allows incoming brand managers to learn our trade alongside our top performers and high-level leaders. Being able to connect with top decision makers from their first days on the job is something unique we can offer to new hires.

These benefits of working for a smaller company help us thrive in our careers. Follow Valiant Marketing Group on Twitter for more details on our supportive work atmosphere.