Dec 20, 2017

Team Building Retreats Done Right

Our team at Valiant Marketing Group succeeds because we participate in activities that forge stronger bonds between our branding specialists. Retreats are one way in which companies can bring associates together and build stronger working relationships. Here are three best practices we’ve noted can ensure these retreats bring about value for firms:

• Have a Goal: Any productive activity is one that is centered around a meaningful goal. In our Valiant Marketing Group office, we strive to attach goals to as many projects as possible. We want to measure our progress and know that we attained results. With retreats, it’s good to identify one or two goals we might complete within this time. To succeed, we should be sure these are realistic goals. We want each outing to be fruitful.

• Go Outdoors: Whenever possible, a comfortable outdoor setting makes for a great retreat locale as it inspires more creativity and allows people to relax. If the retreat is overnight, consider park-based resorts or other venues that combine the comforts of civilization with the peaceful quiet of the great wilderness.

• Foster Team Member Growth: Our Valiant Marketing Group culture is based on professional development. Therefore, retreat activities should be directed at building skills that we can use in our workplace to collaborate. Be sure they lead to learning skills that can drive individual and team success.

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