Feb 22, 2019

Forging Key Connections in Dallas

A recent conference in Dallas gave some of our top Valiant Marketing Group performers an amazing opportunity to expand their networks. Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, took assistant manager Kayla and team members Shawn and Martina with her to the event, which brought together some of the most accomplished people in our industry. Our Director added that everyone who attended the Dallas conference worked hard for the right to be there.

Interacting with successful leaders from other markets is one of the best possible ways for us to expand our skill sets. Our top performers were able to gain deeper insight into the different approaches people use to excel in our industry. Cassie added that Kayla, Shawn, and Martina also have good sources of career advice going forward thanks to the connections they made in Dallas.

When we represent Valiant Marketing Group at any big business gathering, we bring a clear purpose to our networking efforts. We’re focused on making genuine connections with people, so we set a specific goal for how many contacts we want to add. Rather than simply collect business cards and have brief discussions, we ask lots of open-ended questions in order to keep our potential contacts talking. The more we learn about them, the better equipped we are to send effective follow-up messages. From there, it’s easier to build lasting bonds.

We had a great time adding to our networks in Dallas. For updates on our next travel event, be sure to follow Valiant Marketing Group on Twitter.