Nov 9, 2018

Kayla E.’s Star Is on the Rise

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Valiant Marketing Group culture. We always acknowledge our promotional specialists when they achieve a career milestone, or if we see that they’re taking all the right action steps and their victory is just on the horizon. With that in mind, we want to show our admiration for a team member who’s really been on her A-game lately.

Kayla E. has achieved both personal and professional objectives while being with us and has more than earned her time in this month’s Valiant Marketing Group spotlight. It’s impressive how quickly she’s embraced an entrepreneurial mind-set, and she’s been knocking off career goals as quickly as she can set them. She has been to two top leaders’ conferences, networked with some of the biggest names in our industry, launched five new campaigns, plus received a Leader of the Month Award – and the list doesn’t stop there.

One of the reasons Kayla has advanced so rapidly is that she understands the necessity of clarity. When she determines what career objective to set for herself, she takes the time to develop a crystal-clear vision of what she’s working toward. This helps her stay motivated while knowing exactly what steps to take on her journey to success.

Kayla, your work ethic and determination make you the perfect brand ambassador to highlight. Thanks for all you do; we’re proud to have you on our team. To see who we recognize next month, like Valiant Marketing Group on Facebook.