Apr 20, 2018

Learning, Connecting at Leadership Conference

Frequent travel events are key parts of the Valiant Marketing Group lifestyle. In March, a few of our standout performers were chosen to attend the quarterly leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Jeffrey, Miranda, Tatiana, and Mara represented the company in Dallas. They’ve already started putting what they learned to good use around our office.”

The hand-selected team members who attended the conference were chosen because of the commitment they’ve shown to reaching their goals. Cassie added, “These four have set the standard for everyone on Team Valiant Marketing Group over the past few months. They deserve recognition and a chance to broaden their horizons.”

During the conference, our team members took part in several workshops, attended keynote speeches by influential industry leaders, and discussed best practices with other top performers. Cassie remarked, “This was a great opportunity for our people to see the bigger picture as far as what’s possible in our business. They got to learn from top pros who have followed unique paths to success.”

Jeffrey, Miranda, Tatiana, and Mara have already started applying the lessons gained at the conference. Cassie commented, “Our team members are showing that the conference was a worthwhile investment for our company. They’ve been setting even higher targets since they came back from Dallas.”

Events like the Dallas leadership conference give our team members extra fuel to reach new heights of success. Check out the Valiant Marketing Group Newswire for updates on all our business trips.