Dec 21, 2018

We’re Looking for Career-Minded People

There’s a lot to be excited about around Valiant Marketing Group HQ these days, including the fact that we’re adding to our exceptional team. Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that we’re looking for experienced and career-focused individuals who are ready to take charge of their professional journeys.

Cassie also noted that there is freedom in the positions we want to fill, as well as great potential for learning. We equip our brand managers for lasting success through ongoing education. Those who work hard and commit themselves to constant improvement will reap significant rewards.

Our Director highlighted a few attributes we emphasize every time we bring new talent on board. A strong work ethic is at the top of the list, because setting ambitious goals is a major focus within the Valiant Marketing Group office. We want to find people who have histories of challenging themselves to go beyond their current skill sets.

Positive attitudes are also vital for would-be additions to our team. We take pride in the upbeat atmosphere we’ve created, so we look for candidates who will bring enthusiasm to new challenges. Those who can find productive lessons even in unexpected outcomes will thrive in our workspace.

We’re excited to meet with talented jobseekers in the weeks to come. Follow Valiant Marketing Group on Twitter for updates on our hiring push.