Nov 22, 2017

Making Community Leadership a Priority

Leadership is a Valiant Marketing Group value, and we embody it in a few different ways. We discuss the various traits and behaviors that make one an effective decision maker, for instance, so that the members of our management team always feel confident leading our brand ambassadors.

Also, we take an active role in local philanthropy, believing that this is an important way to demonstrate our commitment to leadership as well. When we have a chance to get involved in a worthy cause, we take it, knowing that by doing so we pave the way for other companies and professionals to follow suit.

Recently, five of our team members volunteered their time at the OC Zoo Halloween Zoo-tacular. They helped the children make Halloween crafts and had a great time doing so. This event children were able to trick-or-treat through the zoo, participate in a spooky scavenger hunt, and create Halloween and fall-themed crafts.

“This is a really spectacular event, and I’m very proud of the team members who gave their time to help out,” declared Cassie, Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “Not only did attendees enjoy arts and crafts, but the OC Zoo animals participated in the fun and received treat-filled pumpkins and special Halloween treats throughout the day.”

We’re proud of the leadership role we play in our community. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter