Dec 20, 2017

How to Nail a Job Interview: Best Tips to Try

In our Valiant Marketing Group training, we emphasize the importance of research and preparation as we create our precise marketing campaigns. Recently, we noted that many of the practices we apply to our work could also be used in job interviews. Here are three that can help anyone land a job faster:

• Get as Much Insight as Possible Prior to the Interview: Our Valiant Marketing Group events are crafted based on demographic research. To prepare for an interview, candidates should learn as much as they can about the company, the culture, the areas to which they can add value, and the interviewers. There are many online resources that provide the insights needed to speak directly to the firm’s needs, such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and the company website. It’s also a best practice to use mutual connections to learn more.

• Prep for Background Related Questions: Successful candidates know how to articulate their backgrounds and experiences and present themselves in the most positive light. In our Valiant Marketing Group office, we recommend our people practice their presentations so that their messages are on point for consumers. This method is effective for applicants to use to become confident going into an interview.

• Be Nice to Everyone: A simple reminder, yet quite important. Every person we encounter should be treated with the same levels of dignity, respect, and kindness, no matter what their position might be. Hiring managers do take note.

Interviews are what get us in the door for jobs. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter