Apr 26, 2019

Doing Our Part for Better Beaches

We’re committed to supporting good causes, so we’re excited for our upcoming Valiant Marketing Group beach cleanup day. Taking part in these types of events helps ensure a cleaner and safer community for everyone who lives in Huntington Beach. Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, is especially inspired by this event because it also makes a positive impact on our environment.

This isn’t our first beach cleanup, and we’ve learned a few valuable lessons through our past experiences. Picking the right time for such an event is the key first step, with either late spring or early fall being the ideal times for making our beaches more beautiful. The former means we can get the beach ready for crowds to enjoy, while the latter means we can clean up after the rush of the summer season.

It’s also essential to schedule a beach cleaning during low tide, because this is when the most trash is exposed. When we hit the shorelines for our Valiant Marketing Group cleanup events, we make sure to get started right as the tide is headed out.

Typically, it’s not difficult to get approval from local officials for such an event, but it’s a good idea to give them a heads-up. You can usually find the right contact person by calling city offices or reaching out to the local police.

It’s always a good time to make our beaches healthier and safer. Check out the Valiant Marketing Group Newswire feed for updates on this and all our social impact efforts.