Oct 19, 2017

Public Speaking Wisdom From Richard Branson

Few people are public speaking enthusiasts – not even influential individuals like Richard Branson. Nonetheless, being a high-level professional requires a significant amount of public presentation. We do quite a bit of speaking on behalf of Valiant Marketing Group, and overcome our trepidation by observing and learning from the very best – such as Branson himself.

Branson recommends that people only give presentations when they are passionate about the content. It’s easy to be sincere when we care about our subject matter, which is usually about how the businesses we serve can improve people’s lives. What’s more, our enthusiasm is infectious. When we’ve earned the trust of consumers, they get excited because they see our passion in our body language and hear it in our voices.

Anyone who has heard Branson speak knows he is a fan of humor. He shows his willingness to take risks by making jokes at his own expense, which warms people to his messages in no time. When appropriate, we also inject humor into our Valiant Marketing Group presentations – always to positive effect. We enhance these effects because we embrace humility too.

Richard Branson’s success is proof that he knows what he’s doing, so we don’t hesitate to follow his lead. Authenticity and humor work every time.