Apr 12, 2019

We’re Ready to Build Our Team

Amid ongoing growth, we’re ready to add fresh talent to Team Valiant Marketing Group. Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated that we’re looking for candidates who are experienced, have unique backgrounds, and are ready to put in the hard work necessary for success. We provide in-depth training and one-to-one coaching, so the ideal hires need only to bring their ambitions into everything they do.

As we help our team members reach their full potential, we focus on a few key goal-setting strategies. New additions to our team will quickly learn that putting well-defined objectives in place is a focal point within our organization. From the first days of our initial training program, team members set specific goals for improvement. This commitment carries on through each new Valiant Marketing Group challenge, setting the stage for constant learning and professional growth.

We also use frequent feedback to help our brand managers hit their ceilings. Through regular check-ins, our team members can make small adjustments that add up to major progress. Breaking big goals down into smaller parts ties in with our approach to feedback as well. With minor milestones to build momentum, the input our people receive from supervisors becomes even more important.

We’re excited to onboard great new hires and help them excel. Like Valiant Marketing Group on Facebook for more details on our hiring efforts and how we prepare team members for lasting success.