Oct 12, 2018

Resting, Relaxing, and Networking in Las Vegas

Recently, top brand specialists enjoyed some rest and relaxation at a leadership event in Las Vegas. It was a great chance to connect with industry leaders from across the country and learn about best practices from different markets. Cassie, Director of Operations for Valiant Marketing Group, and select team members were in attendance. According to Cassie, the trip was a great chance to learn and grow, and everyone who went had a blast!

Networking with distinguished business leaders is an honor we take seriously, which is why building and maintaining a professional network is part of our thorough Valiant Marketing Group training program. Here are some contacting strategies we share with our team members:

• Look for Ways to Give: Thriving networks are built on mutually beneficial relationships, where both parties are able to give and receive value. When we meet a potential contact, we consider how we might help them.

• Have a Strategy: Time is a limited resource, so we make sure to use ours wisely. We strategize by considering who we want to meet and how we might meet them.

• Follow Up: Once we’ve met professionals we’d like to add to our network, we follow up with them within 48 hours of our conversation. This way the topics will still be somewhat fresh in our minds and theirs.

The Las Vegas trip was a great success, and those who attended made some big additions to their networks. Find out more about the importance of networking by checking out Valiant Marketing Group on Newswire.