May 4, 2018

Sound Strategies for Stronger Communication

Clear messaging is something we strive for around Valiant Marketing Group HQ. We focus on becoming stronger communicators during our initial training and through our ongoing improvement efforts. Here are a few key lessons we’ve learned as we’ve honed our interpersonal skills.

Being specific is one key aspect of effective communication. This is true no matter the context. We pay special attention to our audiences so that we share just the right amount of detail. We take time to make sure we’re on the same page with colleagues, customers, and supervisors.

Body language is also something we closely analyze in all our Valiant Marketing Group interactions. We do our best to project confidence by standing tall and straight in all our endeavors. We’ve also learned that squaring our shoulders while maintaining an open stance helps us attract people at networking events and other business functions.

Listening with intent helps us refine our communication skills. We know that listening to what someone else is saying demands full attention, so we put our phones away every time we speak with anyone. By showing people enough respect to focus solely on the points they’re making, we set the stage for productive bonds going forward.

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