Dec 20, 2017

How Our Team Member Turned Challenges to Success

We have some amazing colleagues at Valiant Marketing Group. Each branding specialist comes from a diverse background and brings a different type of value to our team. Sarah Theimer is one such individual whose challenges in life made her the strong leader she is today.

Sarah is one of Valiant Marketing Group’s campaign manager/core leaders. From some painful childhood experiences, followed by a determination to improve her life through attaining her bachelor’s and MBA degrees, Sarah realized her life’s passion was to help others accomplish their objectives.

When she first joined Valiant Marketing Group, Sarah discovered the fundamentals of leadership. “I learned how to train and develop people to help them achieve their personal and professional goals,” she said. “I learned how to hold myself accountable as well as my teammates. I learned how to inspire people and help them think bigger. I learned how with dedication and tenacity, you can achieve anything you want. In short, I learned how to become the best version of myself!”

“Success with my current position is developing people and pushing them in order to see them grow and reach their goals,” said Sarah about how she is applying her skills and talents. “It’s also providing an opportunity. When I see someone becoming the best version of themselves and exceling in what they do, that’s success.”

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