Oct 19, 2017

Three Top Priorities for Any Leader

No one knows it all – not even the world’s most influential leaders. That’s why ongoing learning is a Valiant Marketing Group mainstay. We realize that it isn’t easy to find time in a busy schedule to acquire new knowledge and skills, so we use the following strategies to make the most of our time and absorb as much insight as possible:

• Embrace Coaching: It is a Valiant Marketing Group policy how to pair new hires with experienced leaders, who act as coaches and impart support and feedback as necessary. The system ensures that everyone has what they need to succeed here. As avid networkers, we sometimes get additional guidance when we foster relationships with people in our industry.

• Read: There’s always something informative on the Valiant Marketing Group bookshelf. We peruse the best and most recent business books to stay on top of the changing trends in our industry. We’ve also discovered that indulging in fiction helps keep our creativity sharp.

• Ask for Feedback: Feedback shouldn’t only come from a boss or a mentor. We welcome insight from everyone around us, from colleagues and partners to customers and friends. They let us know what we are doing well, and what can use some improvement.

Learning keeps us competitive and on point. Even with our busy schedules, feedback, coaching and reading give us access to valuable lessons.