Oct 19, 2017

Transform Yourself Into a Masterful Networker

Networking is an essential component of Valiant Marketing Group’s success strategy. It is so valuable that it should be part of every ambitious professional’s repertoire. Keep these techniques in mind as you add to your relationship-building toolbox:

• Keep It Casual: For the most part, networking takes place at organized business gatherings. There is still plenty of room for making contacts elsewhere, however. Some of the best connections are made at children’s birthday parties, sporting events, and airport terminals. Look for opportunities where you least expect them.

• Build Rapport: To set the stage for lasting and mutually beneficial interaction, focus only on getting acquainted when you first meet someone. It certainly isn’t the time to ask for a favor or attempt to make a sale. We like to get to know about others’ interests and goals to determine how we can best help them, because we know the value to Valiant Marketing Group will come later.

• Set Goals: Showing up at a networking event isn’t a guarantee that you will make meaningful connections. Exchanging as many business cards as possible won’t do the trick either. Be deliberate. You might set a goal to introduce yourself to two or three people, for example, or to arrange a follow-up meeting with at least one new contact.

When it comes to networking, there’s always room to improve.