Sep 14, 2018

Two Top Performers Are Headed to Vegas

Travel incentives keep us performing at the top of our games around the Valiant Marketing Group office. Whether it’s a conference, retreat, or visit to another vibrant market, we always learn a lot from our excursions. Two of our newest leaders, Sergei and Julian, are headed to Las Vegas to train another office on how to be successful and do some networking at the same time.

Cassie, our firm’s Director of Operations, remarked, “Sergei and Julian have shown so much promise by letting their leadership qualities shine. Now they get to share their unique insights on sustaining success with a new group of professionals. This is an incredible opportunity and one that I’m sure Sergei and Julian will maximize.”

There are a few key qualities Cassie looks for in future leaders, all of which Sergei and Julian have displayed during their Valiant Marketing Group career journeys. Sharing clear visions for success is one essential ability these two standout performers possess. Cassie added, “Sergei and Julian take pride in being able to help teammates reach ambitious goals. One reason they’re so good at inspiring others is they establish clear benchmarks for their own success. Sergei and Julian hold themselves to high standards, and they motivate their teammates to perform at their best in the process.”

We share regular updates on our team trips on the Valiant Marketing Group Facebook page. Visit us there to learn more about Sergei and Julian’s Vegas excursion.