Valiant Marketing Group on the Origin of Creativity
Mar 11, 2016

Valiant Marketing Group on the Origin of Creativity

In many classic tales as well as modern-day success stories, there appear to be lone heroes. Mark Zuckerberg is the man behind Facebook for instance, and Steve Jobs is the one behind Apple. At Valiant Marketing Group, however, we know this assumption isn’t usually accurate. These individuals had partners, investors, and entire teams of professionals – not to mention consumers – to drive their success.
The initial sparks of creativity may have originated with these so-called lone geniuses, but the best innovative work is more of a group process (those lightbulb moments of brilliance are mythical as well). In addition to a strong support system, our team members identify these as the necessary tools to embark on a long-term creative journey:

  • A Growth Mind-Set: To understand the meaning of a growth mind-set, it’s helpful to also understand the meaning of a fixed mind-set. A fixed mind-set indicates a belief that talent is an inborn trait that cannot be improved. A growth mind-set, then, indicates a belief that one can grow and improve through learning and practice. In other words, it is the understanding that progress can be made.
  • A Good Sense of Humor: As you grow and develop, you will make mistakes and encounter failure. It’ll probably be embarrassing. That’s why a healthy sense of humor is an important part of the creative process. If you can make fun of yourself and your missteps, you’ll move forward. If you’re too worried about looking foolish, you won’t get far.

We at Valiant Marketing Group urge you to develop your growth mind-set along with your sense of humor, and enjoy your team as you create together.