Apr 8, 2016

Valiant Marketing Group’s Strategies for Managers

Our managers here at Valiant Marketing Group have a great deal of collective wisdom that they freely share with anyone smart enough to listen. Here are several of their favorite lessons on how to successfully supervise:

• Being in Charge Isn’t About Being Better Than Others: One perspective that our Valiant Marketing Group leaders share is that it’s better than okay to have people on your team who are smarter and/or more experienced than you. Always trying to be the alpha dog of your organization will limit how much your crew can accomplish.

• Focus on Continual Self-Improvement: Earning the respect of the people who work for you is a daily effort. Be vigilant in looking for ways to improve yourself and your operations. In a word: lead.

• Keep Your Mind on Your Money: Sometimes, managers get so caught up in the subjective side of their position that they forget to watch the numbers. Engaged employees are great, but without a positive cash flow they’ll be employed somewhere else.

• Maintain a Professional Distance: While our Valiant Marketing Group managers are personally invested in the success of everyone on the team, they try not to solve all our problems for us. We like to think of them as being reliable, yet distant enough to give us room to grow.

What pieces of management advice are most valuable to you?