Valiant Marketing Group’s Time-Management Tips
Mar 18, 2016

Valiant Marketing Group’s Time-Management Tips

Our team members at Valiant Marketing Group know many people struggle with time management from time to time (and others struggle with it all the time). They tend to focus on things that seem urgent, such as incoming messages, instead of the things that are actually important. The trick to effective time management is to switch that focus. We have some suggestions to help you home in on what matters most.

Begin by setting firm boundaries. It’s not easy to decline requests from others, particularly if you’re a people-pleaser. However, you can’t efficiently accomplish your tasks if you consistently agree to help others with their work. In addition to learning how to say, “No,” you can set boundaries by staying away from television and social media while you’re working. Turn off notifications on your electronic devices as well.

At Valiant Marketing Group, we also suggest that you make a deliberate effort to examine your to-do list and highlight the biggest-impact items. Then schedule your highest priorities instead of simply assuming that you’ll get around to them. Don’t overwhelm yourself by scheduling too much in one day, either. By keeping the volume of your work relatively low, you’ll have more time and energy to do what matters most.

Our team members at Valiant Marketing Group hope you adopt these practices, because when you do, you’ll accomplish more than ever.