Apr 22, 2016

Valiant Marketing Group’s Tips for Networking Events

At Valiant Marketing Group, our team attends several networking events each month. This allows us to build our professional networks successfully. There is a definite art to gaining new connections through networking events. We’d like to share a few pointers to help you achieve greater success when meeting others.

First, our Valiant Marketing Group experts recommend that you identify the right events. The most effective way is by personal (real life) contacts you’ve met, such as through chambers of commerce or professional organizations. You can also join social media groups through Facebook or LinkedIn to learn about local opportunities.

Before you attend an event, our Valiant Marketing Group experts recommend that you do ample research. Gain as much insight as possible into the people who might be attending. Carefully weigh this against your desired outcome from the event. This will allow you to have conversation points or questions prepared in advance, as well as have a strategy for connecting with interesting individuals.

At the conclusion of the event, do not be quick to rush home. If others are heading to more social gatherings, such as lunch, dinner, or drinks, ask if you might join them. These opportunities will allow you to relate on a more personal level.

The efforts you invest in researching and preparing for networking events will pay dividends. We wish you luck!