Jan 17, 2018

Walking to Raise Awareness for a Great Cause

We’re always looking for new ways to expand our Valiant Marketing Group commitment to supporting good causes. In December, we volunteered to take part in the Autism Speaks Walk. The event raises awareness and money for vital research.

Autism Speaks is a nonprofit that has funded nearly $150 million in research on the disorder. The organization’s efforts also aid lifelong support services for those diagnosed with autism. Walk events are held throughout the country, giving people the chance to raise money and connect with other caring individuals from their regions.

Carrie, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “It’s important for us to do whatever we can to improve lives, both in our community and beyond. The Autism Speaks Walk was a rare opportunity to assist in creating a better understanding of an increasingly common disorder. This goes for both societal acceptance and treatment methods.”

Giving back also has a way of building stronger team bonds. Carrie added, “We all feel more engaged in our Valiant Marketing Group projects after we come together to support a great cause. This feeling translates to more effective teamwork as well, which leads to bigger wins for the brands we promote.”

We’re looking forward to helping Autism Speaks in the future, along with many other great nonprofits. Keep up with all our giveback efforts by following Valiant Marketing Group on Newswire.