Nov 22, 2017

Welcoming a New Brand Into Our Portfolio

Valiant Marketing Group has earned a name for providing sales and marketing services for a variety of respected companies ranging from Fortune 500 brands to start-ups. Our good reputation has provided us with the chance to add new brands to our portfolio on a regular basis, and just recently we welcomed another company into the fold.

“We have a new business in the home furniture/home goods industry for which we’ll be providing our dynamic advertising services,” stated Cassie, Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “We work very hard on our projects, so when a company sees that and asks us to represent them in the marketplace it’s truly an honor. We are always ready to take on new brands and help them accomplish their outreach goals.”

We understand the challenges involved in creating a presence. There is a lot of competition for attention in the market, especially when it comes to the online arena. This is why we’ve focused on event-based sales promotions. We provide the chance for consumers to make an authentic connection with a product or service, and do so in a way that provides tangible results. Our approach gives us the power to turn brands into household names.

We can’t wait to get started bringing our new partner’s products to consumers. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter